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Title:     Oh No! A ROACH
Author:     Kawanya Isom
Category:     4     7     12    
Price:     $ 7
Language:    0
Size:    2
Number of Pages:    31
ISBN Number:    978-0-615-21087-2
Publication Date:    June, 2008
About this Book: 

The story Oh No! A ROACH is about a young girl who is trying to follow the straight and narrow path to the American Dream: Becoming a Prosperous Successful Person. Despite the difficulties she faces at home, she works hard in school, follows the rules, and gets along with others. However, no matter how much she tries to do what’s right, things don’t always work out in her favor.

Although young readers will enjoy this work, this book was written to remind people, both children and adults, of the power we each have to negatively or positively influence another person’s life.

About the Author: 

I grew up in rural, Southwest Georgia in the town of Leary. The stories that I tell are derived from my experiences growing up in the smallness and poverty of the rural south. I have worked in public education for 13 years. Eight of those years I taught high school English teacher. I am currently an Assistant High School Principal at Northside High School in Warner Robins, Georgia.

My philosophy of education has always been: “Every child has a gift; a teacher’s job is to find it.” Hence, I’ve spent much of my career encouraging students and teachers to tap into this gift.

In June of 2001, I received a Reading Endorsement, which led me to develop a reading program entitled, "Fantastic Friday." The programs focus was comprehension, vocabulary, and the improvement of reading skills for students in grades 2-11. This program enabled me to see firsthand the power of equipping students with effective reading strategies.

Book Review: 

“Oh No! A Roach is a compelling story that should be in every teacher’s read aloud library. Teachers can help students connect to the protagonist in many ways as they work to help students build their self-esteems, confidence, and self-worth in spite of their home lives or other challenges they face.”

Lazunia Thomas
Elementary School Principal
Warner Robins, GA

“As an elementary teacher of the gifted, I think it's so important to share stories of trial and triumph with my students. The story Oh NO! A Roach by Kawanya Isom is just the right book to use as a springboard to tackle these issues with today's kids.”

Paula Peavy
Gifted Resource Teacher
Warner Robins, GA

“First and foremost, BRAVO!!! You did it. This book is well written, realistic and I know a lot of children can relate to this situation!”

Christine Long
Elementary School Teacher
Erie, PA

Order/Contact Info: 

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Kawanya K. Isom
478-952-1716 Daytime
478-987-3806 Evening

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