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Title:     When Sasha Dreams A Living Fantasy
Author:     R.H.Hairston
Category:     12     24     22    
Price:     $ 18.5
Language:    0
Size:    1
Number of Pages:    234
ISBN Number:    978-1-60458-744-7
About this Book: 

Sasha didn't want the dreams anymore, but what would happen to her without them, she thought to herself,as she ran through the dark dangerous city streets. Her uncle's advances had become more intense and all her screaming efforts to get the attention of the stranger on the hilltop had gone unnoticed!"What was the point of him being in her dreams if he wasn't going to help her," she whispered aloud!She finally approached the bus stop panting, she wiped her tears attempting to stay focused on getting to her Aunt Mary's house. Again she tried to pray,words alluding her as she arrived at the end of her Aunt's street, a sparsely lit boulevard with an even darker patch of park five houses from her Aunt's home!She took a deep breath an attempted to blend into the shadows of trees. Her mind wondered to the stranger and his striking warrior like stance. Suddenly, she felt comforted and confident.She increased her pace. She past the park effortlessly, feeling surprising warm and unafraid. Thoughts about the stranger had given her hope!As she climbed the porch steps, she said a thank you prayer and knocked on the door. "Who is it?" was the response. "It's me, Aunt Mary, it's Sasha!"

About the Author: 

I reflected on my very active childhood imagination, while living on a small farm in rural Ohio. The animals of the farm, otherworldly creatures of my imagination, old family yarns, books, biblical stories, cartoons, and television characters embraced my world. My research was enhanced by African and Asian cultures, mythologies, legends, and histories. I want the reader to use their imagination, to dream the impossible,realizing anything is possible..if you believe.

Book Review: 

I found When Sasha Dreams filled with real life emotion and passion. Easily related to everyday life. Hard to put down, I didn't want it to end. Can't wait until the next episode of Sasha and Sesshomaru's life.
Mary Yarabough-age 58

Sasha Dreams is definitely a page turner.I love Sasha's relationship with Sesshomaru. The book has pulled me in. I love the fantasy of the storyline. I would recommend to anybody with eyes to read it. It will always keep you guessing. Arianna Patillar age 21

I found the book to be captivating from the start of the saga. Me having a love for SYFY it satisfies my interest with a beautiful love story as a bonus. Definitely recommend to anyone who has a love the SYFY, true love, and adventure. Jonathan Manly-age 26

I found the star cross-lovers captivating, excellent storyline. Billie Harper Allen- age 30

I like the style, a futuristic story; attention getting, Good readying, exciting, captivating; Can't wait for the continuation! Leona Branch age-61

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