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Title:     Fundamentals of Hindustani Music: A Journey of The Colorful Ragas
Author:     Noor Wodjouatt
Category:     14     14     14    
Price:     $ 29.95
Language:    0
Size:    1
Number of Pages:    170
ISBN Number:    ISBN: 978-0-578-09171-6
Publication Date:    Aug, 2011
About this Book: 

This book has developed out of my own desire to better understand the mystical and technical aspects of classical Hindustani music. As a lover of this classical music and as a vocal performer, I wanted not only to enjoy this art form, but also to share with other music aficionados the vast amount of information that I have collected over the years.

My research journey includes lessons in ragas from my amazing teachers as well as notes collected over the years from rare books. My intention for this book is to provide the reader stimulating material on the theory and the numinous aspects of Eastern music all combined in one manuscript.

About the Author: 

Noor Wodjouatt was born in the city of Kabul, the son of Professor Nassir Ahmad Khan Wodjouatt, one of Afghanistan's most prestigious physicians. From an early age, he was surrounded with music and poetry, and for this reason he developed a love for the arts.

The Noor Wodjouatt Ensemble’s mission is to bring about a musical-cultural merger of the East and the West; for this reason, the ensemble has performed in various academic setting as well as at formal fundraisers. Noor was the first Afghan performer to play at the Kennedy Center. He has also performed at the State Department; in a concert at the Richmond Forum for Greg Mortenson, the author of Three Cups of Tea; at the Meridian International Center, the Embassy of India, and Seton Hall University; on National Public Radio; at Syracuse University performing music for the well known book The Kite Runner, and at the Taft School

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